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Le MARMAILLE (from 5 to 12 years old)


Come and discover the sensation of flying like a Papangue in the sky of REUNION. We take off, we make a passage over the field to take the souvenir photo and then we go for a walk in the sky.




Price: 65 € / 12 min flight

La DECOUVERTE (from 13 to 🤪years)

Fly away for new sensations. Admire the surrounding Reunionese landscape. Fly over the lagoon, the primary forest, the cliffs, the flora and fauna ....

Price: 80 € / 20 min flight


You choose your flight, between sea and mountains, arouse your curiosity. The itinerary of this flight will be according to your wishes before or during the flight.

Weather and regulations will be taken into account for this flight flight duration of your choice (contact us)

Price: 100€ / 30 min flight


Take to the heights to offer yourself a unique sunset. Once installed, enjoy a surprise aperitif with the person of your choice !!! 🍹

Price: 120 € / 35 min flight



  • Safety and comfort are the priorities during the flight.
  • Passenger weight: up to approximately 100 kg.
  • Presence of a parent for minors.
  • No age limit.
  • Activity accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Cameras and cameras authorized, with wrist strap.
  • Choose an appropriate outfit according to the season.
  • Closed shoes compulsory.
  • The baptism can be postponed depending on weather conditions.
  • You can postpone your baptism up to 24 hours before the deadline.


What is the paramotor `` cart ''

The paramotor is an ULM (ultra light motorized) equipped on the one hand with a flexible paraglider-type wing and on the other with an engine. As for the trolley, it accommodates the pilot and a comfortably seated passenger. In general, the average speed of a paramotor is 40 km / h.

The weather conditions must be validated before each meeting because they are the ones which set the rhythm of the flights.

Means of payment: Cash,Bank transfer, Gift Voucher,